Workplace wellness challenges have the power to increase employee participation and engagement in employee wellness programs. At Wellworks For You, we’re dedicated to researching and developing new, dynamic, and unique workplace wellness challenge ideas. That’s why we developed a Healthy Habits Gamification Challenge! Learn five ways this workplace wellness challenge entices employee involvement with unlimited customization and user-rich features.

Game On! Five Features of the Healthy Habits Workplace Wellness Challenge

Employees are sure to get their game on with the Wellworks For You Healthy Habits Gamification Challenge. Like other workplace wellness challenges, the Healthy Habits Gamification Challenge allows employers and HR decision makers to create a healthy habits wellness challenge specifically tailored to the wants and needs of employees.

Research shows personalization in a workplace wellness program is highly valued by employees, along with having a variety of wellness options. One of the major benefits of the Healthy Habits Gamification Challenge is the flexibility it allows.

Take a look at five features you may not have previously associated with a highly-engaging workplace wellness challenge:

  1. Workplace-Wellness-ChallengesEndless Customization of Healthy Habits
    In the Healthy Habits Gamification Challenge, you choose from a variety of themes such as fitness, nutrition, sleep, heart-healthy, finance-related, or smoking cessation, among others. The choices for theme and healthy-habit topics are endless—companies can even design their own wellness category.
  2. Multiple Themes for Wellness Goals and Dreams
    Depending on the theme of a healthy habits wellness challenge, colorful display backgrounds can be implemented, including: space, desert, beach, jungle, metro, and road. This visual helps to coordinate a theme with the particular habit challenge.
  3. Participation Pop-Up Messages
    A pop-up box gives each participant the details of the healthy habit and the ability to report their completion of the task. Once they press “complete” the pop-up disappears and checks the task off the participant’s challenge list.
  4. Team Spirit with Points-Based Challenges
    Organize team activities and goals worth points. Teams can see where they stand by referencing a built-in leader board for rankings throughout the challenge.
  5. Specific Dates or Random Milestones
    Wellness challenge milestones and goals can be created in order by date, or by simply placed in a random order of completion.

The user-friendly, easy to establish nature of the Healthy Habits Gamification Challenge makes it a favorite wellness challenge for employers to incorporate.

More Ways to Maximize Workplace Wellness Challenges

If you’re looking for more health and wellness ideas in the workplace, or fun wellness activities at work to incorporate into your employee wellness program, Wellworks For You is here to help. In addition to helping implement engaging, exciting, and creative workplace wellness challenges, Wellworks For You offers a diverse variety of workplace wellness programs which include a fully-integrative Wellness Portal, preventative screenings, health coaching, and more!

If you’d like to learn more about the Healthy Habits Gamification Challenge or how to achieve a more positive, healthy, and productive workplace, contact us today at 800-425-4657.