Workplace Wellness and Smoking Cessation Programs

In the workplace, you will come across people of all ages and backgrounds. Some of them deal with physical problems while others are relatively healthy. But if you were to ask anyone, they would probably be able to name a habit they would like to quit. Many of your employees are struggling with a nicotine addiction. They have to take frequent smoke breaks and are putting their health at risk, as well as anyone who breathes in their secondhand smoke. Many wellness programs offer a smoking cessation program as component. For this reason alone, your place of business would be benefitted by a wellness program.

Smoking Cessation ProgramsSmoking causes major health concerns. Many people wish they could quit but don’t know how to, or don’t have the resources to stay motivated. Providing smoking cessation programs at work would greatly benefit these employees who just need some encouragement and accountability. They can receive community support and even incentives to keep them nicotine-free. Research shows that these smoking cessation programs have been proven to be highly effective with short-term and long-term results. Efficiency at work will be increased with better concentration and less smoke breaks. Less sick days will be taken because employees will become healthier and get sick less often.

Addictions also affect mental capacity and ability to function. With the successful implementation of a smoking cessation program, your employees will be able to quit smoking over time and improve their cognitive awareness and focus on the task at hand. With less mental energy being consumed by their addiction, they can focus on their health, their work, and their families. Our goal is that the smoking cessation programs we help you implement will have a ripple effect. Other employees will desire to break their own addictive habits and begin to participate as well.

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