Revolutionize Your Workplace Culture With Work Fitness Challenges

Is your work atmosphere feeling a little unpleasant lately? Do your coworkers seem tired, disinterested, or downright bristly?

A negative or exhausted workplace environment isn’t good for employee well being or company productivity. Business investigations consistently demonstrate that employee satisfaction has a critical influence on job performance and overall productivity.

work fitness challengesIt might seem counterintuitive to suggest that introducing work fitness challenges might be what your workplace needs to revive tired, dispirited employees–but, in fact, physical health and regular, healthy exercise habits have a huge effect on energy, mental, and emotional wellbeing. And all of these factors can greatly affect overall work performance. That’s why work fitness challenges have the power to revolutionize your workplace culture.

3 Work Fitness Challenges That Produce Great Results

Wellworks For You understands the positive benefits health, fitness, and wellness provide workplaces. That’s why we’ve introduced these three effective
work fitness challenges to radically change the culture in your office towards one of wellness–and fun!

  1. WellTrek Virtual Pedometer Challenge:
    This fun, interactive pedometer tracking program that motivates your employees to get up and get moving in the great outdoors by creating a virtual globetrotting travel competitive challenge–while logging progress and learning key exercise-maximizing tips.
  2. 5-On-5 Challenge
    Eating healthy is just as important for employee health and wellness as getting sufficient exercise; that’s why Wellworks offers this incentive-based challenge to improve daily diet and food choices.
  3. 10k A Day
    The average person is advised to walk approximately 10,000 steps daily. Are you and your employees reaching those numbers? Wellworks 10k A Day work fitness challenges allow your employees to track progress towards ambitious walking goals with the use of the Wellworks web portal.

You’ll never believe how much unhealthy habits like poor food choices and a lack of exercise is impeding yourself and your employees and coworkers until you see your company functioning at full, healthy capacity. That’s exactly what these effective work fitness challenges from Wellworks For You can offer your workplace. Start revolutionizing your workplace culture today!