Get in Shape For Summer With a Work Fitness Challenge

Depending on geographics, personal time commitments, vacations and other life factors, maintaining exercise during the steamy summer months can be challenging.

One way to overcome the challenges is to introduce a new one!

Work Fitness ChallengeHosting a work fitness challenge is a fun, easy way to get the whole office focused on improving health and wellness. Everyone loves a little friendly competition in the workplace. Introducing summer fun fitness challenges for the workplace can up the employee fitness game, improve workplace morale and provide employees with opportunities and accountability to continue healthy habits in spite of the heat.

Fun and Easy Work Fitness Challenge Ideas for Summer (and Beyond)

The key to making any fitness challenge work for your office is engagement. You don’t need to make participation mandatory – people may balk at that – but make your challenge fun and enticing enough that your employees want to be part of it.

5 Office Fitness Competitions Employees Can’t Resist!

  • Virtual Pedometer Challenge: Encourage employees to engage in a virtual race around the globe by tracking walks with the interactive WellTrek program. This allows an individual to “see” the world while counting the steps he/she takes each day.
  • Mile-a-Day Challenge: Employees earn a point for each day of exercise, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be simply a walk, run, or bike one mile. Steamier climates may necessitate an indoor aerobic smart app workout, or maybe a yoga class. Whatever the physical activity of choice, each one can be tracked for a month, and prizes can be awarded for the most points accumulated.
  • Pop Wellness Quiz: Remember those dreaded (and unexpected) quizzes in school? Keep the office on its toes by announcing impromptu challenges like, “Who brought the healthiest lunch today?” or “Who can do the most push-ups?”
  • Healthy Eating Challenges: Award points for healthy eating habits like, “5 Servings of Vegetables,” “Drinking 8 Glasses of Water,” “30 Days Without Soda.” The possibilities for this work fitness challenge are really endless, so get creative!
  • Give Up a Vice: This challenge is tailored to each individual, and points are given for reducing or giving up unhealthy behaviors. Everyone has a vice – smoking, not getting enough sleep, eating too much junk food – encourage employees by challenging them to eliminate a vice for an established period of time.

Like these fitness challenges? Wellworks For You has much more challenge ideas for every season! For more work fitness challenge ideas, wellness activities at work or questions about how to maximize wellness in the workplace, contact us today.