Why Start Smoking Cessation Program Within Your Company

It’s no secret that smoking is detrimental to your health, but did you know that 443,000 American lives are taken by preventable smoke-related diseases each year? Employees that smoke have cost employers an estimated $193 billion in healthcare costs and loss of productivity.

Start Smoking Cessation ProgramOnly 5% of smokers quit in a year, and 70% say they want to quit but don’t know how. Often the reasons why people can’t quit  is because they don’t have a support team to ensure that they’re successful. When you start smoking cessation program within your company the benefits to you and your employees are invaluable.  Implementing a smoking cessation program can lessen the health care costs to your company while investing in the lives of your employees.  

How Wellworks For You Can Help

We want to establish a firm foundation so that your employees will use these tools to succeed in a smoke-free life.  Our smoking cessation program consists of 6 weeks of a webinar series and onsite classes that provides the employee with informational and interactive resources while requiring follow-ups with a health coach.  

Session 1 highlights the reasons why your employees should quit, explains the negative impacts smoking has on their health, introduces a plan with realistic goals, and establishes support. In this session your employees will have a 20 minutes meeting with a health coach.

Session 2 discusses the types of smoking cessation options that will be successful for each individual.

Session 3 focuses on why your employees has chosen to smoke, smoking triggers, continues the support process, and your employees will again meet with their health coach.

Session 4 assists your employees in managing their day to day stress. Countdown to quit day begins.

Session 5 Employees learn to manage their cravings, and begin the mobilization of their quit plan.

Session 6 In the last week of the program we’ll cover ways to prevent relapsing, focus on eating habits and the overall health of the employees, discuss the maintenance of living a smoke-free life, and meeting with the health coach one last time.

For more information on how to start smoking cessation program for your company please contact us at 1-800-425-4657.

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