Why Should You Look into Corporate Wellness PA?

Health care has become one of the predominant issues in the United States, with the rising costs of insurance, inflated hospital rates, and the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Consequently, many companies are thinking about how to instill a culture of health and wellness in their company culture. Corporate wellness PA takes place when Pennsylvania companies have elected to take the next step to further their employees’ propensity for wellness. What does corporate wellness PA entail?

Corporate wellness means lower costs.

The ROI (return on investment) associated with corporate wellness PA programs has been worth the costs, to varying degrees depending on the program involved. In one study, the ROI for disease management programs was 3.80 per person, with 1.50 per person from total wellness programs.

More importantly, wellness equals increased productivity.

Working out has numerous biological benefits associated with the stimulation of positive hormones in the brain, such as dopamine and serotonin. In fact, the incredible power of exercise on serotonin levels has made it as effective as certain minor antidepressants! Exercise is the natural antidepressant which we can all benefit from, as it decreases stress and clears the brain for more productive work.

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