Why Implement a Workplace Wellness Challenge?

Many corporations are jumping on the workplace wellness bandwagon. As companies realize the many positive benefits, including the financial savings, which are associated with wellness program implementation, they have taken the step forward and made the investment. And if you ask businesses with active, dynamic wellness programs about their experiences, they’d probably tell you that they have happier, healthier employees that end up costing the company less in the long run.

Wellness ChallengeWhen beginning a program like this in the workplace, you have to get creative in order to get buy-in from your employees. You want your staff to be excited and engaged or else the program will not be as effective as it could be. Offering an occasional wellness challenge as part of your program can accomplish this goal fairly easily. When people are given the opportunity to compete against themselves and others, they usually embrace their competitive spirit and get involved! A wellness challenge can be even further enhanced by arranging to have a real, tangible reward for the winner or winning team. Some companies choose to offer cash awards while others give gift cards or other prizes.

The ability to organize and offer a wellness challenge will spice up your wellness program and give you the opportunity to get creative with your activities. Try organizing a “biggest loser” challenge or a pedometer walking challenge. Let employees compete as individuals or set it up in a team format and even organize a playoff system for finalists! Call a company like Wellworks For You for more information on how to make the most of wellness challenges and other fun aspects of a comprehensive wellness program.

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