Why Do Health Coaching Programs?

Why Implement Health Coaching Programs?

Are you considering ways to increase your employees’ well-being and ROI on health billing? Did you know that, according to the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism, many companies use up to 50% or more of their profits to address health costs? While it has been difficult to accurately quantify the return on investment for health coaching programs and wellness programs in general, these are benefits which have been consistently associated with companies offering these types of programs:health coaching programs

  • Employee Work Benefits. According to a survey of 42 studies on the effects of wellness programs, it was found that companies implementing them experienced an average of 28% reduction in sick days taken and an average of 30% reduction in disability claims and workers’ compensation.
  • Employee Satisfaction. In a 2012 study surveying 6,100 workers, the impact of wellness programs were increased satisfaction, productivity, and well-being. Workers reported feeling more happy with their employer and were more likely to score at a high level of job satisfaction.
  • Individualized Attention. Health coaching programs in particular are more effective because they target individual needs and help employees make goals and reach them through accountability mechanisms. Health coaching programs have been one of the most popular, because they can address a variety of needs in a holistic manner.

Wellworks For You offers a health coaching program and many other wellness programs to fit the needs of your company. For more information on our services, please see our programs page.

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