Who Benefits From Fitness Team Challenges?

Everyone hits a slump at work now and then. It’s normal to have “a case of the Mondays” or to lose motivation when the late afternoon rolls around. However, if you’ve been noticing that your employees’ case of the Mondays is lasting all week long, it might be time to rejuvenate and motivate your office with some fitness team challenges. Team fitness challenges are our specialty at Wellworks For You, and the benefits will be felt by everyone.

Find Out How Fitness Team Challenges can Charge up Workplace Morale (and more)

fitness-team-challengesStudies on the effectiveness of corporate wellness programs continue to reflect positive benefits. Although fitness team challenges may not be the first workplace wellness benefit that comes to mind, it should! Fitness challenge ideas for the workplace have the power to motivate, encourage and add friendly competition within a business environment. In turn, new and renewed interest in striving toward best health and wellness practices can increase morale, reduce absenteeism and lower overall healthcare costs for employers. Learn a few ways how to boost participation by implementing fun fitness competitions and workplace wellness team challenges:

Wellworks For You customized fitness team challenges keep employees engaged and motivated while they work on improving their health and reducing stress by encouraging participation in an 8-to-12 week fitness challenge. Each challenge is designed to promote healthy habits and lifestyle changes focussed on integrating not only fitness, but optimizing nutrition, stress management and more. We also offer shorter, month-long challenges to help maintain motivation.

Fitness Team Challenges enable employees to:

  • Access a group fitness challenge tracker
  • View real-time leaderboards
  • Participate in user-friendly, motivating gamification

If you would like more information about the many benefits fitness team challenges can offer your business, or if you would like to learn about the specific programs available, contact Wellworks For You today.