What You Should Know About Corporate Wellness Health Risk Assessment

When you hear the term “health risk,” you may not normally associate it with the ordinary things of life, such as lack of exercise or sleep, drinking, or unhealthy eating, for example. However, health risks do encompass a whole range of factors including those of which  you can and cannot control in your life. Fortunately, many times you can mitigate the effects of the health risks that are out of your control (such as genetic predisposition) by managing what you can do, well.  The first step is to become aware of any and all health conditions/concerns that you many currently have, or have risk of developing. A corporate wellness health risk assessment is one tool that you and your company can use to begin managing those risk factors.

corporate wellness health risk assessments

What is a Corporate Wellness Health Risk Assessment?

A health risk assessment (HRA) is a tool commonly used as a systematic approach of information collection to determine potential risk factors to your short- and long-term health. After completing the questionnaire, people are provided with an evaluation of their quality of life and health risks.

There are several components to a typical HRA, which include:

  • A questionnaire
  • A risk calculation/score
  • Individualized feedback, which can be verbal or written

There are several types of information collected, which might include:

  • Lifestyle (such as the exercise/eating)
  • Demographic characteristics
  • Personal/family medical history
  • Physiological characteristics (weight, height, blood pressure)

In a corporate wellness health risk assessment, the employees will participate together as part of a company program designed to incentivize good health habits through building a team collaborative spirit, preventative, and maintenance care.

Wellworks For You provides four of the most comprehensive health risk assessments in the corporate wellness industry. These include General Risk, Cardiac Risk, Diabetic Risk, and Fitness Risk. For more information, please contact us today!

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