What You Never Knew About Dark Chocolate And Heart Health

Most people may have gone into a state of shock upon reading this title, while others may have already had an idea. Well – here at Wellworks For You we only want to give you the facts so here they are! What you thought you know about dark chocolate and heart health will be thrown out the window with these fun facts.

What Makes Dark Chocolate Healthy?

Dark Chocolate And Heart HealthBefore we begin, let us clarify that you should not go out and buy all the dark chocolate you can find. There are many companies who outnumber the benefits with all of the sugar and fat that they blend in their products. We are talking about the benefits of pure dark chocolate, in moderation.

There are 3 main ingredients that cause dark chocolate to improve heart health.

  • Flavonoids – A plant nutrient that is found in the cocoa bean. Flavonoids have an ‘antioxidant’ power to help protect plants from environmental toxins and repair damage. Which leads us to the next point.
  • Antioxidants – Derived from Flavonoids, these antioxidants help resist damage to the body’s cells that affect function such as breathing.
  • Flavonols – In addition to the antioxidant benefits, flavonols have influence strictly on vascular health like lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow and causing blood platelets to be less sticky and able to clot.
  • Oleic Acid – Found in cocoa butter, oleic acid is a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

How Much Chocolate Can I Eat?

Eating dark chocolate about 2-3 times per week are a great example of consuming in moderation. Also be careful to pick out quality dark chocolate that does not have any added ingredients like caramel and marshmallows. Eating these additional items will cancel out the health benefits of dark chocolate.

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