What Wellness Slogans Can Do for You

In life, sometimes the details can seem overwhelming or unnecessary.  While some details can go ignored and unmissed, others, even if small, may be an unknowingly integral part of accomplishing your goal.  

One such detail you may have considered scrapping are those pesky wellness slogans that you are never sure what to do with when implementing your company’s wellness program

Before you scrap it once and for all, consider these 3 benefits wellness slogans can bring to you.

  1. Provides Focus for your Program

wellness slogansSometimes an idea can get swallowed up in too many details.  However, if you have one detail that has been boiled down to the essence of what you want your idea to communicate, you have a winner!  Having a catchy wellness slogan that encapsulates the main idea of your corporate wellness program can help those involved in the planning stages of the program as well as those that will simply be participating in the wellness program.  It allows them to know in an instant what this particular program or challenge is about

  1. Makes your program memorable

A wellness tagline has the ability to imprint the memory of your wellness challenge on your employee’s mind.  One that has a motivational purpose can also provide inspiration in a moment of weakness or laziness as a participant can call it to mind and receive the motivation needed to make wise health choices.

  1. Makes marketing simpler

A wellness challenge slogan that grabs attention gives you the exact words you need for marketing and promoting your corporate wellness challenge.  Throw the phrase on posters, flyers, emails, and company newsletters.  Use the wellness slogans for printing on special prizes that will be handed out for the wellness program.  No need to labor over how to introduce and promote your new wellness program.  Determine the best-fitting wellness slogan and use that!     

For some great wellness slogan ideas, Wellworks For You provides an array of resources.  Click here to get started!

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