What is Corporate Wellness and How Will Your Company Benefit?

It seems everyone is striving to be healthier. Trying to cut back on sugar, trying to go to the gym more often, trying to quit smoking: we live in an age of self-improvement. It only makes sense that employers try to aid and encourage their employees in their efforts to adopt healthy habits. After all, healthy employees result in lower health insurance costs and fewer sick days, among many other benefits.

what is corporate wellnessWhile workplace wellness programs have been around for quite some time, there may still be a few folks out there wondering, “What is corporate wellness?” We’re glad you asked, because it would be a shame for your and your employees to miss out on all of the benefits of a corporate wellness program.

A well implemented and thoughtfully designed program brings many benefits to the workplace, including, but not limited to:

  • reduced healthcare costs
  • reduced absenteeism
  • reduced stress
  • increased productivity
  • increased morale

While helping out your bottom line is one reason why corporate wellness is important, saving money isn’t the true mark of the program’s success.  A successful program can be measured in the level of engagement, and by the health and happiness of your employees.

Successful Wellness Program Examples:

  • Be Practical and Accessible: Your program should be comprehensive, and designed with your specific workplace in mind. (If no one in the office smokes, don’t feature smoking cessation.)  Offer a variety of programs to foster sustained engagement, and be open to suggestions and feedback from employees.
  • Make Health a Cornerstone of the Company: Be health conscious in every aspect of the business. Why offer a Lunch and Learn about healthy snacking when you have vending machines full of junk in the break room? A supportive company culture is key in reaping the benefits of corporate wellness programs.
  • Be Proactive: Provide your employees with the tools and information they need to be able to make healthy choices and changes. Offer screenings and onsite preventative care in order to “red flag” any health issues before they become a problem.

For more tips and ideas to keep in mind when developing a corporate wellness program, contact Wellworks For You today!


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