What are the options for corporate fitness programs?

Corporate fitness programs are designed to help you and your company institute strong health habits, starting from the workplace. With employees working increasingly longer hours and having little time at home to cook or go to the gym, companies have begun investing in corporate fitness programs so employees can take advantage while they are at work. It can be a great way to meet other people and know them on a different level when you are participating together. Because of these factors, corporate fitness programs have been effective in improving company culture and job satisfaction. So what are the options?corporate fitness programs

Options for corporate fitness programs are wide-ranging and depend on what your priorities are as a company. Wellness screening takes place at the beginning of many programming activities to allow employees to assess their risk for various long-latency diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. Smoking Cessation programs can be an effective way to support employees seeking to end a bad habit, which if attempted alone can take years to overcome. Nicotine is one of the most powerfully addictive drugs, making it very important for people to have a support structure on their journey to be smoke-free. Pedometer programs are great for their general appeal, as they get people walking and oriented towards increasing their movement throughout the day. Pedometer programs have been shown to have a huge effect on people’s walking habits, especially when fun incentives are built in.

There are many other options to install corporate wellness programs in your company culture. Please see Wellworks For You’s Programs page for more details.

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