What are Examples of Corporate Wellness Programs?

Corporate wellness programs have become increasingly popular as companies realize the value of encouraging employees to live healthy and work well. What are examples of corporate wellness programs? These programs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types! Depending on your priorities, your company’s program could focus on eating wellness, fitness habits, or a combination of the two. Eating and fitness programs can be very diverse in their own right, using or not using technology, employing one or more major fitness activities, and of course different incentives structures to make it all fun!

examples of corporate wellness walking programs

Here are a few examples of corporate wellness programs offered by WellWorks For You:

Corporate Lunch and Learns

Corporate Lunch and Learns  provide a way for employees to learn about healthy eating and prevention of disease. Many of the most common long-term diseases, such as heart disease for example, can be avoided through healthy buying and eating patterns over the long term. There are so many different health opinions out there though, that it pays to learn from a professional so that you can be sure that you are following the most holistic, evidence-based eating advice.

Health Risk Assessments

The best wellness programs are based on an accurate understanding of the employees’ needs, as conveyed through a health risk assessment . Health risk assessments may ask a variety of questions in different categories, including:

  • Diabetic Condition
  • Cardiac
  • Fitness
  • General

These provide a measure of health risks, which will in turn inform a more targeted approach to advising the employee, and/or designing programs for the company.

For more examples of corporate wellness programs that your company might consider using, please see the WellWorks for You Programs page.

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