What a Health Risk Analysis Can Do For Your Wellness Program

A health risk analysis can come in a variety of formats, but usually it will consist of three different parts. These are: a questionnaire, a score calculation and some type of feedback. Depending on how the assessment is administered and what it is connected to, there are a variety of different types of results that could ensue. Including a health risks analysis in your corporate wellness program is a way to help employees better understand their current state of health, their risks for different types of health issues and diseases and how they can take steps to protect against those things now and in the future.

Heatlh Risk AnalysisWhen Wellworks For You provides implementation for health risk analysis, we focus on incorporating the results into every individual employee’s personal web portal so that he or she can begin to adjust things like diet and exercise plans and goals to better align with the results of their particular analysis. Once the calculated score is given and explained, everyone will be able to make more informed decisions about what types of wellness program activities he/she should be spending time on.

We provide four types of assessments and for each health risk analysis questions are formatted in order to gain information on the individual’s health status, habits, histories and readiness for change. All of the factors affect the final score which will then lead the participant to appropriate information provided by Wellworks For You as well as help personal health coaches know how to better work with clients. We provide the following four health risk analyses:


Each of these questionnaires, along with their given score and feedback, can be administered via paper or the internet in spanish or english and they comply with all HIPAA regulations. To order these services from Wellworks For You, please contact us today!

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