Wellworks For You’s Smoking Cessation Guidelines Can Help

Smoking is a chronic addiction that can lead to a number of costly consequences further down the road.  In addition to a long list of potential health complications for smokers and their loved ones, according to the American Lung Association, “Smoking cost the United States over $193 billion in 2004, including $97 billion in lost productivity and $96 billion in direct health care expenditures, or an average of $4,260 per adult smoker.”  Quitting smoking can be both one of the hardest and most rewarding things a person can do and, as an employer, you can help.  Partner with Wellworks For You to implement a program that applies the latest smoking cessation guidelines in an engaging way that leads to success.

Smoking Cessation Guidelines

At Wellworks for You, we offer an engaging smoking cessation campaign in addition to our various smoking cessation guidelines and resources.  This program incorporates informational and interactive resources, on site speakers, group activities and individual challenges, as well as personalized health coaching and support. This combination blends the information, accountability, and support necessary to help participants break this difficult addiction.


As participants make progress, the benefits yielded for both the individuals and the company as a whole may surprise you.  As their health improves, participants will be feeling better, improving both morale and productivity.  Additionally, smoking-related expenses will be reduced (or prevented) for both the individual and the company.  With fewer smoking related illnesses, even absenteeism will be cut back.
Why wait to help your employees quit this costly and harmful addiction?  The resources necessary to make this change are available now.  Contact Wellworks For You today to learn more about the latest smoking cessation guidelines and how our program can help make a difference in the lives of all of your employees.  Contact us today at 800.425.4657.

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