Wellworks Reveals: What is a Health Risk Assessment?

As a responsible supervisor and employer, you already know about the importance of the health of your employees. This is because numerous studies proved the positive correlation between the overall health of your employees and that of your company, and how you want to act on this information. One of the ways to start on this task, of course, is to conduct a health risk assessment of your employees, but many employers are asking, what is a health risk assessment, anyways?what is a health risk assessment

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a health risk assessment (HRA) is “a collection of health-related data a medical provider can use to evaluate the health status and the health risk of an individual.” Data for the HRA is collected by a self-reported assessment conducted by the individual in question. The questionnaire may include questions such as whether the individual is an active smoker, how active he or she is on a daily basis, and what his or her diet consists of.

When asking what is a health risk assessment, however, the more important piece of the answer lies probably in the HRA results. Again according to the CDC, the information provided by the HRA and other biometrics goes through interpretation by a healthcare professional. After processing the given information, the trained doctor then turns the question, “What is a health risk assessment?” into a detailed map for the individual to experience improved health.

The HRA results will provide not only an accurate description of the individual’s current state of health, but will also define ways in which the individual can improve his or her health. More specifically, healthcare professionals can interpret any HRA to weed out possible risk of illness or disease brought about by the individual’s current behaviors.

So, now that you know how to answer the question “What is a health questionnaire?”, you can contact Wellworks For You, and bring the benefits of the HRA to your company and employees.

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