WellWorks For You: Tips Preventing Diabetes

Did you know that 9.3% of the American population has diabetes? That’s 29 million Americans walking around with diabetes! Another staggering number is 86 millions American 20 years old and older have prediabetes!

 tips preventing diabetesDiabetes is a disease that causes your blood sugar to rise higher than normal. The most common form of Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes. It’s considered Adult onset diabetes, but we’re now seeing a rise in Type 2 Diabetes in younger children due to the obesity epidemic. At Wellworks For You we want you to live a diabetes free lifestyle. Here are a few tips preventing diabetes:

5 Tips Preventing Diabetes

  1. Physical Activity – Get moving! People that don’t exercise are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Making your muscles work more often improves their ability to use glucose and absorb insulin. Exercise decreases the stress on insulin-making cells.
  2. Lose Weight – Carrying extra weight puts you at a higher risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. For every 2.2 pounds lost you reduce your risk of diabetes by 16%.
  3. Fine Tune Your Diet – Eating whole foods, such as lean meats, fruits, vegetable, and whole grains prevent developing diabetes.  It’s still true – You are what you eat. If your diet consists of simple carbohydrates, fast foods, processed or sugary foods you’re putting yourself at risk for diabetes.
  4. Skip the Sugary Drinks – Soda is a delicious bubbly concoction, but it has a high glycemic load and is associated with an increase in diabetes.  Diet soda is not the better option. Yes, it may not have sugar, but it does have an artificial sweetener that has a myriad of it’s own health risks, and has been known to induce glucose intolerance. Substitute your soda with water, coffee, or tea.
  5. Decrease Stress – Stress triggers the release of hormones that can increase blood sugar. Find a way to decompress after a long day at work. In fact, incorporating exercise into your life will help with your stress levels. Two birds. One Stone.

If you’ve enjoyed these tips for preventing diabetes, head on over to WellWorks For You, and learn about our Wellness Programs.

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