Wellness Programs at Work: What are the Best Choices?

There has been increasing concern about the prevalence of long-latency diseases and how they are affecting health care costs in this country.  The evidence shows that long-latency diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, are preventable with a commitment to fitness and the discipline to work out several times a week. Corporate wellness programs are an option used by employers to motivate their employees to meet their health goals. Which wellness programs at work have been the most popular?wellness programs at work

  1.   Pedometer Program. A pedometer tracks the number of steps taken in a day. It’s amazing how this simple tool can help people become conscious of how active they are throughout their day, and encourage them to do more. Wellworks For You offers a pedometer program with a fun twist, taking you on a virtual tour around the world!
  2.   Health Coaching. Because of the customizable nature of health coaching (this is done one-on-one, in consultation with each employee), wellness goals are more likely to be met. Health coaches meet people where they are and help them figure out how to make changes in their lives so that they will eat better and meet their fitness goals.
  3.      Preventative Screening. Every company looking to incorporate wellness programs at work should do preventative screenings as a first step to diagnosing employee needs. These screenings can lead to the addition of other needed programs such as Smoking Cessation Program or those focusing on dietary issues. Preventative screening takes place at the workplace and is open to all employees for use.

If you’re interested in learning about more of the programs offered by Wellworks For You, please see our Programs page for more information. Above all, we are here to support you and your workplace in experiencing the best health possible!

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