Wellness Program Slogans - You Either Love Them or You Hate Them

Motivational posters. Some people love ‘em.
Most people hate ‘em.

wellness program slogansYet every office has that an employee whose work space is plastered in, “Keep Calm and Carry On” knick-knacks and posters of a kitten hanging from a tree branch emblazoned with “Hang in There!” That kind of motivation works for them, and that’s great. But for many people, the only thing catchy slogans inspire is an eye-roll.

The most important aspect of any corporate wellness program is participation and engagement. That’s why it’s so hard to come up with wellness program slogans that employees respond well to. If you’re looking for catchy names for wellness programs, here are some of our favorites:

Popular Wellness Program Slogans

  1. Empowering a Stronger Team
  2. Commit to Be Fit
  3. Better Health Through Better Living
  4. Work Well
  5. Here’s to Healthy
  6. Choose Better
  7. Health is Wealth
  8. The Greatest Wealth is Health
  9. Discover Wellness
  10. Healthy is the new “Happy”

Why not aim for more than participation, though, and turn this into a great team-building activity? Get your employees in on the fun and challenge them to come up with the next best wellness team name ideas. Here are some specific steps to creating wellness program slogans for the workplace:

First: Solicit ideasask employees to to submit their top 3 slogan ideas via a Google form.

Second: Hold a vote use the same Google form as a voting platform for “best wellness slogan”.

Third: Offer a prizechoose a desirable, motivational prize for the first place slogan, like a gift card to a popular local healthy food restaurant or a Groupon for a fitness class.

By turning this into an ongoing team-building activity, you increase employee investment in your wellness initiative, and this pays off dividends. After all, if your employees aren’t engaged, your program will quickly lose steam. Remember not to discount humor! Whether you love motivational slogans or not so much, it’s difficult to deny there is usually some much humor to be found in slogans… that’s what makes them so catchy.

Make sure to regularly check in on the level of satisfaction and success your employees have with your wellness program, and remain receptive to comments and concerns. For more ideas on incorporating wellness program slogans and implementing healthy routines in your workplace, contact Wellworks For You today.