Wellness Program Incentives

The explosion of wellness programs in workplaces across America has also brought a demand for wellness program incentives. Incentives for wellness programs provide extra motivation for employees to participate and accomplish goals. Before lamenting over the cost incentives may incur (after all, you’ve already invested in a wellness program), studies have demonstrated that employers offering incentives reap benefits in ROI, reduced absenteeism, and more.

6 Effective Wellness Program Incentives

Wellness Program IncentivesWellworks For You has numerous wellness incentive ideas that you can incorporate to promote wellness program participation, while still keeping your company in the black. Check out 6 fun and easy way to incorporate wellness incentives in the workplace:

  1. Offer Company Merchandise – Most companies have branded merchandise that is used for promotion and customer appreciation. Set some of these products can be used as employee incentives. You can also order bulk items such as t-shirts, mugs, and gym bags with your company logo. These items can be very cost-effective and have multi-use potential.
  2. Enter a Drawing – Often it is too expensive to offer a prize for every single participant, but just the possibility of winning a quality prize is often enough motivation for employees to join in a challenge. Offer all participants entry in a drawing for a particular prize – you can even increase entries according to levels reached within the challenge.
  3. Partner with Local Businesses – Local businesses are almost always eager to partner with others as it provides instant and easy marketing. Consider gyms that may offer a discounted membership, theaters offering tickets to movies or show, local restaurants offering coupons, or startup bakeries offering healthy snacks.
  4. Recognize Participation – This is a simple and no-cost way to promote employee involvement. Recognize participation and goal achievement in company newsletters, bulletin boards and in company meetings.
  5. Grant Parking Perks – The company parking lot can often look similar to the zoo on “kids-get-in-free” day. Offer reserved parking spots for those who have reached milestones within your wellness program. Virtually free and quite effective, you may see some employees eager to participate because of this one incentive.
  6. Reward More Vacation Days – It’s been shown that taking an extra day away from the office actually increases productivity in employees. Offer an extra day of paid vacation to participants who successfully complete a wellness program challenge.

These are just a few affordable wellness program incentives and wellness incentive gift ideas you can offer employees. Incorporating a wellness program doesn’t have to empty your bank accounts! If you’d like to learn more about wellness program incentives or how to incorporate a successful corporate wellness program for your workplace, call us today at 800-425-4657.