Wellness Portal? It sounds like a science fiction term for entry into another realm. In a way, it is; a wellness portal can be an avenue toward a new realm of better, more convenient, and customizable workplace health and wellness. At Wellworks For You, we designed a fully integrative employee wellness portal that serves as a centralized hub for your corporate wellness program. The portal enables employees to keep track of a variety of activities and resources incorporated within a wellness program.

An interactive corporate wellness portal provides a perfect opportunity to increase workplace wellness program participation, promote organization, bolster accountability, and much more.

Five Advantages of Having a Workplace Wellness Portal

According to a recent story on electronic usage, the average American is estimated to spend 24 hours per week online. Having a wellness portal that employees can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week for key health and wellness insights and information simply makes sense.

The best wellness portals for the workplace offer a mix of features, access to abundant health and wellness information, and a private store of personal health data. There are many benefits to having a scalable wellness portal for your company. Take a look at five specific key advantages:

  1. Improved Efficiency
    A corporate wellness portal isn’t simply convenient for employees, it makes organizing the various aspects of a workplace wellness program an easy process for employers to manage as well. Information can be more effectively communicated all in one place, helping to ensure the staff will all be on the same page. It’s also a gathering place to provide information on upcoming events, opportunities, and announcements.
  2. Better Accessibility
    Employees won’t have to search their inbox for the latest email. Everything they need to know is in a secure, but easily accessible online portal. When a wellness program is accessible, people are more likely to appreciate and take advantage of the health resources available. Since employees are naturally likely to spend the majority of time on a computer, it will be a natural extension of their work to check out the wellness portal on a frequent basis.
  3. Secured Information
    Since a wellness program incorporates medical history and other sensitive information, employees need to know that their privacy is being respected. The Wellworks For You Portal provides a safe and secure, individual wellness portal login and password for each employee. Individual employee information, as well as health risk assessment results or any other health data, is kept completely confidential. Employers can only access non-confidential data necessary for planning and tracking purposes, so employees can rest assured that their personal information is secure.
  4. Refined Resources
    The Wellworks For You Wellness Portal serves as more than ground control for a workplace wellness program, it’s also the gateway to extensive health and wellness information. Employees in need of fast and easy recipe ideas, the latest fitness trends, or insights into health coaching need only access the wellness portal to find supporting resources refined to the specific criteria they’re seeking.
  5. Boost in Participation
    As a result of instantaneous access to health data, trusted privacy and security, and a wealth of health and wellness information, a wellness portal can be an advantageous tool to encourage and increase participation and engagement for your corporate wellness program. Health coaching, wellness challenges, fitness and nutrition information, and many more resources are available through the Wellworks For You online wellness portal.

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