Go “Back to School” With These Wellness Lunch & Learn Ideas

They say that when you graduate from school, you forget everything you learned.

wellness lunch and learnThat’s why it’s important to keep your brain nimble and open to new information. One of the best ways to maximize your employees “continuing education” is to offer a few engaging wellness Lunch & Learn ideas and presentations. On-site workplace Lunch and Learn topics, are a great educational tool, and also encourage interactive discussions about important health and wellness topics.

Take a look at some creative lunch and learn ideas. With any luck, it may bring back some nostalgia from those formative school years, but more importantly, it may ignite the spirit of camaraderie in the workplace, and improve the ROI of your corporate wellness program.

Health and Wellness Lunch & Learn Ideas 101:

  • Good Fats vs. Bad Fats: We tend to cringe when we hear the word “fat,” but we shouldn’t. Not all fats are created equal! Have an expert give employees the low-down on which fats to avoid, but also consider illuminating how healthy fats can be used to make delicious easy meals and snacks to bring to work using ingredients such as avocado slices, hardboiled eggs, and nuts.
  • Smoking Cessation: Quitters wanted! Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death and can lead to numerous health problems. Offering a smoking cessation session will literally give employees food for thought when it comes to the benefits of barring nicotine from their lives. They may leave lunch with crucial information, not to mention practical solutions like enjoying chewing gum or a hot cup of tea in place of a typical smoke break.
  • Healthy Foods on the Go: This is one of the most popular wellness Lunch & Learn ideas, and for good reason. In today’s busy world where many leave lives of instant gratification, convenience and hyper-productivity, maintaining a healthy diet can be a challenge. Offer employees ideas on how they can maximize meals, with minimal time and effort, like “Bento Box for Beginners,” or “20 Snacks that Take Less than 20 Minutes to Prep.”
  • Workplace Fitness: Similar to attempting to eat healthy on the go, staying fit with busy schedules and full-time work schedules can feel like a difficult task to accomplish. It doesn’t have to be, and providing a creative Lunch and Learn ideas that offer solutions to minimal time and/or resources can help prove it. Bring in a certified yoga or Pilates instructor to provide a 30 to 45-minute class – one that could be done during a typical lunch hour. Or, have a health coach put together the “15 Best Pre-work YouTube Fitness Video Workouts.”
  • Stress and Time Management: Working full-time, raising a family, tackling household chores – it’s a lot, and it can be stressful. Provide routine wellness Lunch & Learn ideas that focus on how to prevent and deal with stress and time efficiency, and work culture morale may improve significantly. Have a massage therapist conduct 15-minute chair massages after giving a brief discussion on “The Benefits of Massage in Reducing Stress.” Offer a tutorial that illuminates what type of time management tactics work best according to certain personality types.

Looking for more wellness Lunch & Learn ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a corporate lunch and learn today!