Wellness Initiatives: A Story of Two Men

Once upon a time there were two men. They were very alike, these two men: they grew up in the same town, had many of the same friends, and graduated with top scores from their high school. These two men started life from a similar place, and for all intents and purposes should have turned out equally bright futures.wellness initiatives

But fast-forward twenty-five years, and you would see a picture that was quite different. One of these men was energetic, a fun family man who could be witnessed playing football with the boys or jogging each morning. The other barely seemed to lift himself from the couch watching TV every day after work; was sluggish, tired, and hardly ever had the motivation to go outside when his kids asked him to. What made the difference?

Reader, the difference between these two men goes back to deeply-ingrained habits from their early adulthood. One of these men became actively involved in wellness initiatives in his company right from the start. The other, working in a less successful company without wellness programs and with long working days, became accustomed to coming home each day only to sit down again. Over the years, the habits of exercise versus sedentary living began to take effect.

This isn’t just a hypothetical story–it could be your story, or mine. In 2013 the average American worker was on the job for 7.6 hours per day, and the average adult spent 2.8 hour each day watching the television. If you combine these for an approximate figure of how much time you might be spending sitting down while you’re employed, that’s more than 10 hours per day! Research shows the potent long-term negative effects of such a sedentary life. Heart disease, cancers, and other long-latency diseases can be avoided through wellness initiatives that help you to integrate exercise and healthy living into your routine.

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