Wellness Incentive: The Importance

Wellworks For You’s wellness incentive management program was designed to be an effective and quality solution to the problem of knowing how to increase participation in workplace wellness efforts. Incentives are a language that every person speaks and are a clear way to offer encouragement. Could your program benefit from more participants? Do you believe that more participants could benefit from your program? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it may be time to consider implementing our wellness incentive management program.wellness incentive

This program makes use of our unique Results Now Incentive Management Platform. This platform allows participants to use a personalized wellness incentive tracking system. Our staff members will work directly with you to design a unique and custom incentive program and then train you in how to best utilize the tools associated with the Results Now Incentive Management Platform. Every month you will also be provided with reporting on the success of the program and all participating employees will be given access to a personalized Results Now Wellness Report.

The truth of the matter is that there are probably many employees in your workplace who would like to take part in any number of your corporate wellness efforts but just need an extra little push in the right direction. Offering incentives and an easy way to get involved to earn them is a great way to reach out to these individuals.

Wellworks For You is passionate about seeing workplace wellness programs succeed and believes that incentives are one effective road to making that goal a reality. Our clients trust us to handle the logistics of designing, implementing and managing a wide range of programs associated with workplace or corporate wellness efforts. We have aided a wide range of businesses in our years of service and look forward to continuing our efforts. To learn more about our company or how to get started with any one of our programs, please contact us today.

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