According to a study provided by Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Today, 66% of human resources managers reported that in the past five years, their companies have broadened health and wellness options, with the majority reporting overall support of worker health and wellness goals (2018).

Companies across the nation, of all shapes and sizes, are upping their employee wellness services. Adding to these workplace wellness facts, what other wellness facts and statistics can holistically benefit the individuals in your workplace?

Seven Workplace Wellness Facts You May Not Have Considered

Knowledge is power. When it comes to employee wellness programs, the latest and most accurate wellness facts demonstrate how business managers can improve employee retention, boosted workplace morale, and raise the return on investment.

Take a look at seven advantages that wellness programs offer for both employers and employees—from saving money to surprising fitness facts, and so much more.

  • Healthcare Cost Saving Opportunities

One study reflected that, for each dollar invested in a wellness program, an employee saved six dollars that would have otherwise been spent on medical bills. In other words, employees have the potential to save money and a trip to the doctor! Disease management attributed to 86% of savings with a 30% reduction in hospital admissions.

  • Upswing in Employee Interest in Wellness

Today, more employees want to participate in a workplace wellness program than those who don’t. Additionally, employees currently enrolled in an employee wellness program are more likely to remain at their current job.

  • Comprehensive Fitness Options for Everyone

While fitness facts and tips and wellness challenges encourage healthy weight management, comprehensive physical fitness options also contribute to overall positive health outcomes. One study revealed that providing numerous fitness components could help employees reduce their risk for chronic fatigue and illness, and help to increase their lifespan.

  • Nutritional Support and Guidance Goes Far

While healthy eating fun facts are often welcome, employees hunger for more. In addition to access to the best eating and nutritional practices, employees want more access to healthy options at work. Rather than vending machines loaded with pre-packaged, high-calorie, sugar-filled foods, fill your break room with fresh fruit, vegetables, and healthier options. Your employees just might thank you later.

  • Personalization and Flexibility Are Key

Each person in the workplace has different goals and interests. Employee wellness plans that cater to individual needs while offering flexibility tend to have the best ROI. At Wellworks For You, our program provides every employee with his/her own customizable Wellness Portal login. Here, people can take advantage of wellness challenges, an individualized fitness and nutrition dashboard, an e-Learning series, and more—any time, any place.

  • Accountability and Instruction Are Preferred

Employees are not only open to being held accountable for their health—they actively seek guidance and suggestions. Options such as health coaching and onsite biometric screenings provide the knowledge and instruction they to make more informed health decisions.

  • Wellness Programs Combat Burnout

A recent study reported that upwards of 44% of employees experience burnout in the workplace. In addition to providing comprehensive fitness and nutrition services, it’s important for employee wellness programs to integrate mental health support. Those that already have are seeing great success with meditation, yoga, and even social activities to help break burnout-related monotony.

What to do With The Latest Wellness Facts and Statistics

While having the latest health data can help individual employees and increase overall production in the workplace, business managers and owners can weigh their options. There are many different types of wellness programs available, and creating one that works best for your work environment is key. Many businesses conduct a brief email survey to learn what programs are most attractive to employees.

At Wellworks For You, we continuously research the latest wellness facts and trends to determine the most effective and successful strategies for workplace wellness. If you’d like to learn more about our extensive programs, set up a consultation today at 800-425-4657.