Wellness Coaching For Your Office

With over 66% of the American adult population weighing in as overweight or obese, you probably have some unhealthy people in your office. If you’re ready to start a corporate wellness program at work, don’t forget to incorporate wellness coaching. It’s one of the best ways to get your employees on board and engaged with the wellness program. If any of your employees are serious about getting healthy in the new year, now is the time! A health coach can be the perfect way to get everyone motivated and active. A health coach can also provide support and suggestions for your wellness program, since they will know what works and what doesn’t.wellness coaching

Wellness coaching is perfect for the employee who feels stuck – stuck at a certain weight, stuck with certain eating habits, or even stuck physically from moving forward or getting more active. If your employees are not eating well, are stressed, and not working out, they could really benefit from a wellness coach. A health coach focuses on helping individuals make lifestyle and long-term changes. A quick fix won’t cut it and the newest diet fad won’t last. But lasting change in habits can make a difference.

When hiring a wellness coach for the office, make sure they are qualified for the job. A good wellness coaching candidate should have good references and testimonials, at least two years of personal work with clients, and some training. You’ll also want to hire someone who is humble yet confident, and patient yet passionate. Your employees will thank you as they become inspired through their meetings with their health coach. Wellness coaching is not (and should not be) cheap, but many people agree it’s worth every penny to be able to reach their goals.

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