According to recent studies, too much sedentary time, like time spent sitting at a desk, can lead to dangerous conditions including higher rates of type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

This sedentary time spent at work contributes to weight gain and detracts from overall health. This is news for employers and employees alike to take seriously, considering that many office jobs are sedentary in nature. Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true practices that encourage health, wellness, and even weight loss at work and help to combat the negative effects of remaining seated for long periods of time.

5 Unique and Easy Ways to Encourage Weight Loss at Work

“Weight loss at work” sounds like a major contradiction if there ever was one, especially for someone with a predominantly sedentary job. Part of the mission of Wellworks For You is to find inventive, convenient, and varied ways to help companies achieve their wellness goals. This includes fitness options, nutrition tips, and guidance regarding how to stay in shape with a desk job!

Take a look at 5 different ways to support weight loss during work hours:

  1.  weight loss at workGive Yourself The Best Start Begin with a good night’s rest and start the day with breakfast. With a healthy start, you’ll be able to focus better and even reduce your desire to snack throughout the day.

  1. Find Creative Ways To Get Moving Incorporating more movement throughout your day is perhaps the best way to promote better health and weight loss at work. Jessica Cassity at Prevention Magazine cites a recent study, which found that more standing and walking at work led workers to lose an average of 9 pounds in six months. Not sure how to get started? Plan a walking meeting with a coworker, try standing or pacing while you talk on the phone, or find a buddy to walk with at lunch.

  2. Don’t Starve, Snack Smarter – While it may be obvious that snacking on junk food throughout the day is an unhealthy choice, the reality is that starving does you no favors either. Plan and pack healthy snacks for late afternoon hunger pangs. Bring fruits and veggies with you daily and store some high-protein nuts in your desk.

  1. Do Something Different – It may sound silly, but research demonstrates that it takes 30 days to begin to form new habits. To help break old patterns, instill new ones. When you have an urge to travel to the vending machine, grab a piece of fruit from the breakroom. Instead of going out to lunch every Friday with your favorite coworker, ask her if she’d be interested in doing a healthy lunch swap. Prepare a couple of healthy meals, ask your workmate to do the same, and trade for at least two days of new, delicious, good-for-you lunches.

  2. Join A Wellness Program – Many offices across the country have wellness programs already established that provide the resources and accountability you need to take great strides toward wellness. Join a pedometer challenge for some healthy competition or find a Lunch and Learn session that will teach you how to prepare healthier meals at home! The options are almost endless

Want More Ideas For Wellness and Weight Loss At Work?

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