3 Tips From the Experts For Your Walking Workouts

Practical. Low-maintenance. Healthy.

All three of these words accurately describe walking for exercise. Unlike other sports or workouts, walking requires no special outfits or equipment. It can be done inside (with the help of a treadmill) or outside, in the countryside or the city.

And there are no new skills required that you aren’t already familiar with. After all, you’ve been practicing this activity for as long as you’ve been able to walk!

The real key to a successful walking exercise is creating an effective walking workout plan that’s suited to your abilities, schedule, and personal goals and motivation.

Set Realistic Goals, Partner Up, and Grab a Pedometer

Walking-Workout-PlanAside from being a practical, low-key workout, walking has numerous unique health benefits. Walking regularly at a moderate-to-brisk pace can help you to prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. It also strengthens your bones and muscles, helps in maintaining a healthy weight, and can improve your mood, coordination, and balance.

Creating a walking workout plan can help you set and stick to healthy goals and make the most of the extensive benefits of walking. These three tips will help ensure that your walking plan is a successful one.

  • Realistic Goals
    Creating overly-ambitious goals may overwhelm you and prevent exercise; so set realistic goals that are in tune with your abilities and time availability. A great goal to shoot for is 30 minutes/day.
  • Find a Walking Partner
    A walking buddy can make your walking workout plan more fun and less tedious. It also encourages accountability in meeting your set goals.
  • Use a top-rated pedometer
    A pedometer allows you to keep track of your goals and personal progress. This makes your workout plan more organized and satisfying.

Following these simple tips can help you create a successful walking workout plan. And if you’re looking for more extensive, effective health and exercise coaching–or a source for top-rated pedometers and walking program materials–the health and wellness experts at Wellworks For You can offer everything you’re looking for.