It’s Possible to Use a Walking Program to Lose Weight, If You Do It Right

When it comes to losing weight, you may think you need to start hitting the gym and logging miles on the treadmill. And while that will certainly work, running just isn’t for everyone. It can be rough on people with bad knees or achy backs, or for those who simply hate running!

So what are those of us who cringe at the thought of going for a jog supposed to do? Well, the good news is that it’s certainly possible to lose weight by walking – and it is definitely easier on your knees! A leisurely after-dinner stroll won’t have much result though, so it’s important to design your own walking program to lose weight. We’ve put together a list of tips to make it easier for you.

4 Best Walking Program Tips to Lose Weight:


  • walking program to lose weightMake it Brisk: Like we just mentioned, you won’t lose much weight simply walking the dog around the block. Keeping your pace up is key to raising your heart rate – which in turn is key to burning fat. Experts say to walk like you’re at the airport, cutting it close to catching your flight.
  • Mix it Up: While most of your walk should be at the pace we just described, try adding intervals at slightly slower and faster speeds, and mapping a route that contains some hills. Another interesting weight loss walking tip is to vary the surfaces you are walking on – walking on grass burns more calories than walking on a track, and walking on sand burns 50 percent more!
  • Drink Water: When you’re walking for weight loss, simply drinking more water can increase the rate of calorie burn. Staying well-hydrated is a wonderful health tip overall, but can also help you lose more weight
  • Be Prepared: If you’re committed to your walking program to lose weight, you need to be ready to walk in less than perfect weather. Invest in some cold weather gear so that you can keep shedding pounds in the winter. In the summer heat, plan your walks for the early morning or evening time.

With these tips under your (quickly shrinking) belt, you’re all set to lose weight by walking. For more ideas, contact Wellworks For You today!