Use Employee Wellness Program Incentives To Boost Participation

By now, nearly every workplace has some type of wellness program in place. Believe it or not, that’s the easy part. Creating a workplace wellness program (or hiring someone to do it for you) can be a lot of work, but do you know what is even more difficult? Getting your employees to actually participate. After all, even the most incredible program on the face of the earth is useless if no one is engaged!

Employee-Wellness-Program-IncentivesYou would think that the promise of better health would be motivation enough, but many people need a little extra push. This is where implementing some employee wellness program incentives can come in handy. While some offices are able to offer cash incentives for employees, this is not practical, or possible, for every workplace. Cash has also proven to be a short-term motivator, so think outside the (cash) box when thinking of employee wellness program ideas.

Employee Wellness Program Incentives That Won’t Break the Bank:

  • Flex Time: If it’s practical for your workplace, allow your employees some flexibility in their schedule. It doesn’t even have to be everyday, but being able to come in late or leave a little early will be greatly appreciated.
  • Exercise Together: Exercise is obviously a crucial part of any health and fitness plan, but if you do it right,  you can also put it on your list of wellness program incentives for employees! Host fun group walks, runs, or yoga sessions at work: on the clock, of course!
  • Casual Day: You may already have a casual Friday, or something similar in place, but when your employees meet wellness goals, take it up to the next level. We’re talking flip-flops, a picnic lunch in the conference room, you get it.
  • Celebrate Weird Holidays: When it comes to wellness incentives at work, creativity gets major points. Did you know that literally every day of the year is some sort of wacky holiday? Start celebrating “Teddy Bear Picnic Day,” and “Bad Poetry Day.”

Take these ideas and run with them – when it comes to fun employee wellness program incentives, your creativity is your only limit. For more ideas and advice about Incentive Management, give Wellworks For You a call today!

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