Understanding Wine and Heart Health

The Wine and Heart Health Connection

There has been a lot of inquiry into the connection between red wine and heart health lately. A few studies have been published and but the findings are far from definite. There are antioxidants in red wine called polyphenols that could possibly protect the blood vessels that line your heart. One of these polyphenols, called resveratrol, has garnered most of the attention. Resveratrol could potentially prevent blood vessel damage, prevent blood clots, and reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL). Inflammation and blood clotting can both lead to heart disease, so if resveratrol can help prevent those issues, one could conclude that wine might be good for your heart.

Wine and Heart HealthBut How Much Is Too Much?

However, this does not mean that more red wine equals less risk for heart disease. To follow the connection between wine & heart health, women should limit their alcoholic intake to one drink per day, which would be 4 oz. of red wine. Men can have 1-2 drinks per day of 4 oz. of red wine. If you already have heart disease, drinking alcohol is not recommended. There is no evidence to show that red wine can positively affect pre-existing heart damage or disease. Alcohol can make already existing issues worse.

Just One Caution

The possible link between an occasional glass of red wine and heart health is no excuse to drink in excess. And if you don’t drink at all, this is no reason to start. No doctor will advise you to start drinking just to possibly avoid heart disease down the road. There are many other, better things you can be doing for your heart. Get regular exercise – even daily walks are good for your cardiovascular health. Eat sugar and fat in moderation. Control your blood pressure and cholesterol. Watch your weight – extra pounds stress all your body’s systems, including your heart.

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