Understanding The Health Risk Assessment Form and Facts

If your company is interested in helping to improve the health and wellness of employees through a corporate wellness program, a health risk assessment can be one of the best places to start.  Each health risk assessment form is designed to provide information about an individual’s current health as well as his or her potential future risks.  By identifying these risks early, you as the employer can better tailor your wellness program to address these areas.  Furthermore, the participants benefit from this information by having the information they need to take charge of their personal health.  At Wellworks For You, we believe that beginning with an HRA can be one of the best ways to build an effective and engaging corporate wellness program.  health risk assessment form

Having participants complete just one health risk assessment form can give you major insight into the best ways to help them address potential health risks.  However, at Wellworks For You, we recognize that it takes more than one assessment to paint a comprehensive image of an individual’s overall health.  So, we offer four different risk assessments which, when combined, create a specific and highly effective reflection of a participant’s risks and health.  These include: general risk, cardiac, diabetic, and fitness risk assessments.  Each of these can be administered in a variety of ways–online or on paper, in English or Spanish–and can be integrated seamlessly into your Wellworks For You wellness portal.

Of course, having employees fill out a health risk assessment form, or even all four, is only the beginning.  Now that both your company and individual participants are aware of their health risks, it is time to take action.  When you work with Wellworks For You, you have a variety of customizable options to target particular risks, such as pedometer challenges for fitness or smoking cessation for cardiac health.  Wellness experts can help you choose the right paths for your participants.  To get started improving the health and wellness of your employees–and your business–contact Wellworks For You today.

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