Tried and True Motivational Techniques in the Workplace

Keeping employees motivated is a necessary, but sometimes overlooked, part of any well-run office. Motivated employees work harder, are more productive, and report much higher levels of employee morale and satisfaction. While hanging some cliche motivational posters in the office may be better than nothing, you may want to try utilizing a few other motivational techniques in the workplace. Nothing against cat posters, (we love cat posters!) but your employees might need something a little more.

Top-Rated Motivational Techniques in the Workplace:


  • Make it personal: People respond incredibly well to individualized attention. It is easy for employees to feel anonymous and isolated – especially in larger companies. Give praise when workers meet or exceed goals, and try to be involved in day-to-day operations enough to recognize when employees are underperforming or feeling overwhelmed by their workload.
  • Create a positive work environment: Work to maintain a positive, upbeat environment. This is where those cat posters come into play. Creative artwork can in turn help inspire creativity and productivity in your employees. Move away from the boring, traditional idea of the office; consider getting rid of cubicles to create a more casual, team-based workplace.
  • Ask for input: One of the best employee motivators is to simply keep your employees feeling involved and hard at work. You can do this by hosting anonymous polls, or even conducting a formal focus group. Maintaining a level of transparency is key – you want your employees to feel like they know what is going on in the company, and to also feel comfortable coming to you with any issues or ideas they may have.

There is no “secret answer” to motivational approaches in the workplace, no 1 strategy will work for every office. Try using a combination of techniques, and tailoring them to better fit your office. For more ideas on incorporating motivational techniques in the workplace, call Wellworks For You today!