Transform Your Office With Healthy Workplace Habits

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy, right?  Well, the two go hand-in-hand. Often the key to becoming happier is actually living a healthy lifestyle.  This may be easy to do at home, but by practicing healthy workplace habits, you can make your office a happier place too!


  • Leave Work at Work
    Easier said than done, we know.  But being able to separate work life from home life is one of the best workplace tips there is.  There’s a reason we all love the weekend so much – no work!  Try squeezing a little bit of that weekend feeling into every day.  Leave work at the office, and when you get home in the evening, focus on your family, friends, and hobbies. You’ll be more refreshed and ready for work the next day if you don’t spend your home time thinking about the pile of work waiting at the office.
  • Make a Friend!
    Remember getting assigned a “buddy” when you were on school trips as a kid?  Someone to keep an eye on you, and sit with at lunch?  Well, we still need “buddies” as adults.  Being friends with your co-workers is not only a good workplace tip, but will improve your life as well. Connecting with your colleagues is probably the easiest of the healthy workplace habits. Instead of eating lunch by yourself, invite some co-workers and make it a party! Taking a few minutes to chat around the water cooler will relieve stress and help decompress.
  • Go Ahead and Fidget
    Did your Grandma always yell at you to “stop fidgeting?” Well, we’re giving you permission.  People who practice healthy habits at work will tell you that they don’t sit still, because a sedentary lifestyle is not a healthy one! Participate in one of our Pedometer Challenges and see how many steps you can fit into a work day. Take a short walk with your new co-worker friends at lunch, walk to the water cooler to stay hydrated, take the stairs whenever possible.

Once you’ve implemented these healthy workplace habits into your life, you’ll find that your work days are a little happier, and your down time at home is more relaxing.  For more ways to stay healthy at work, contact Wellworks For You at 1-800-425-4657.

Healthy Workplace Habits | Healthy Workplace Habit