Tracking Your Health: What Is A Wellness Portal?

Here at Wellworks For You we provide you with an unbeatable return on investment. The way that we help you easily utilize our amazing service if through our wellness portal. What is a wellness portal, you might ask?what is a wellness portal

A wellness portal is an online “hub” for you to organize, communicate and track activities your company’s Wellness Program activities. You may also provide resources regarding specific wellness programs that you offer to your employees, that they might be able to find what they need, when they need it.

How Will My Company Benefit From A Wellness Portal?

First and foremost, your Wellness Portal is going to be an efficient, easy-to-use hub that gets access by you and your employees. Because of the sensitivity of keeping your health information private, each person will have their own login that keeps their health record secure. All information and results are kept confidential within the tracking system software.

Here is a list of more reasons why your company will benefit from our Wellness Portal.

  • Eliminates the need for keeping physical files on hand
  • All information stays up to date in an organized manner
  • Creates an online environment that encourages participation
  • Allows your employees secured, personal access to their own information
  • And more!

What Are The Main Features?

  • A Modular Homepage – When your employees login, they will be directed to the homepage, or welcome screen, that will provide all of the information that your employee will need. Your employees will have access to articles, slideshows, videos, wellness links and shortcuts.
  • My Health Metrics – A hub of over 36 different metrics including blood pressure, glucose, BMI, weight and more.
  • ResultsNow – This is where the wellness program and incentive program meet. Here, employees will be able to track their results, participation and rewards!

So what are you waiting for? Discovering what a wellness portal is has just made your wellness program a whole lot easier! Give Wellworks For You a call today at 1-800-425-4657 and get your company started on the right foot, because now is the time.

What Is A Wellness Portal | What’s A Wellness Portal