With exercise initiatives, portability, and modern features, there’s a lot of reasons to invest in a pedometer.

A pedometer craze is sweeping the nation! Perhaps you’ve heard chat around the office from coworkers who’ve started utilizing pedometers to get in better shape. Or maybe you’ve noticed more neighbors walking and running outside.

Pedometer usage has spiked in recent years, bringing plenty of new technology, features, and activities: all utilizing these remarkable little exercise motivators. If you aren’t using a pedometer yet yourself, you might be suffering from a case of Pedometer FOMO. (For the chronically un-trendy among us, that stands for “fear of missing out”.)

Is that what you’re experiencing when you sit at the window, watching the neighbors out and about with their handy, top-rated pedometers and wishing you could be in on the wellness and the fun? Don’t wish anymore–do it! Start by investing in a top quality pedometer: the perfect tool to help organize, optimize, and incentivize your commitment to exercise and wellness.

3 Benefits of Top Rated Pedometers For Your Fitness Routine

  1. Exercise Incentives
    One of the primary benefits of utilizing top rated pedometers in your exercise regimen is immediate proof of progress. Many people find it difficult to stay motivated to exercise regularly due to a lack of visible results. Pedometers, however, put a tangible figure on your exercise by counting your steps and distance travelled.
  2. Pedomtere_Blog_9-16.jpgModern Features
    The best rated pedometers can take your number of steps and convert it into useful alternate information, such as miles trekked and calories burned. Other features include distance trackers, long-term memory to track progress, and elevation accommodators–to ensure climbing stairs and ellipticals are accounted for in step counts. And, despite a plethora of advanced features, modern pedometers have simple, intuitive interfaces.
  3. Portability
    One of the greatest advantages of the top-rated pedometers is also one of the simplest: the small, portable size. Whether you’re heading to the office or going on vacation, these units are conveniently sized to bring along with you without taking up any additional space–making you more likely to keep them on your person and removing any excuses for letting your exercise plan slide

When you utilize a top quality pedometer in your fitness routine, you add a level of organization, accountability, and instant gratification that can otherwise be lacking in an exercise plan. If you feel like an extra bit of motivation might be necessary to kick your fitness routine into gear–or if you think your exercise plan could benefit from the organization and quantification that pedometers provide–why wait any longer? Get in on the fun and get yourself a pedometer!

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