Use these 5 Top Health & Wellness Apps to Kick Yourself into Gear!

In today’s busy society, finding time to keep track of our health isn’t always so easy.

top health & wellness appsIt is easy to fall out of our fitness routine, slip into unhealthy eating and sleeping patterns, and generally neglect our own well being. Lucky for us, along with the hecticness of modern life also comes technology! We all always have our phones on us, right? And that can be part of the problem, part of the distraction. But it can also be part of the solution, if we use it right!

With the help of some of the top health & wellness apps available, we can have the reminders and motivation we need built right into our daily lives.

Let’s take a look:

  1. Couch to 5k: This is the perfect app to get you into running. The app offers a free eight-week program to turn non-runners into 5k champions! Free on iOS or Android.
  2. Daily Yoga: Love yoga but don’t time for classes? With this app you get 50 video classes and with a broad range of focuses, every class will be different, interesting, and challenging in a new way. Free for iOS and Android.
  3. ShopWell: Don’t have time research the health benefits of every item on your grocery list? That’s understandable. ShopWell does it for you. Using your own personal information, the app scores every food imaginable as to how healthy it is for you and make recommendations for healthier options when needed. Free on iOS and Android.
  4. MyFitnessPal: Of all top health & wellness apps in the world, this is the most popular! With a database of more than 6 million foods, you can easily track your diet and whether you eating choices are healthy. Even better, the app will adjust to determine which foods are best to meet your particular health goals. Free for iOS and Android.
  5. Sleep Cycle: This amazing app helps those of us who have trouble waking up in the morning and having enough energy through the day. The app tracks your sleep cycle through the night, it then wakes you within 30 minutes of your alarm during the time when you are at the lightest sleep in your cycle. This allows you to wake up easier and feel more refreshed from your sleep. Free with in-app purchases on iOS, $0.99 on Android.

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