Top 4 Ideas for Your Corporate Wellness Week

A “Corporate Wellness Week” focuses on improving the health of employees and raising awareness about activities and wellness services offered by the company. Ideally, a corporate wellness week should promote the participation of new employees and help them realize that they’re missing out on some great healthy fun!

corporate wellness weekWhat are common activities you can use in a corporate wellness week at YOUR company? Wellworks For You has compiled a few of our program suggestions:

  1. Health screenings. An essential part of any wellness program, health screenings should be highly accessible and free to employees. You can offer various screenings for overall health and risk for long-latency disease (think heart disease or cancer, two conditions that are highly preventable through lifestyle behavior).
  2. Yoga workshops. Yoga is relaxing and rejuvenating to your health, the perfect activity after a long day at work spent cramped in a sitting position. You can offer yoga workshops of differing length so that people with other responsibilities will feel more inclined to come.
  3. Free massages. This can be a little more expensive, depending on what business you use. Massages are a perfect compliment to yoga, and is certain to attract a sizeable number of your employees. Massage not only relaxes your muscles but also can enhance emotional health.
  4. Free flu shots. If your company does not already offer flu shots, corporate wellness week is the perfect occasion to make this available to employees. It is estimated that each year, 5-20% of the American population contracts the flu, and 200,000 are hospitalized. Don’t let your company become the breeding ground for the virus!

By making simple services such as the above available, your company can promote interest in corporate wellness programs and give your employees an edge this year as they pursue better health!

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