Three Key Facts About Wellworks’ Health Risk Assessment

If you are interested in starting a corporate wellness program for your employees, make sure to begin by getting the facts about the health risk assessment.  This dynamic program is foundational for any effective wellness program and can help you get the results you need.  These three key facts from Wellworks for You will help you begin to understand the difference health analysis can make.

  1. You Can Help Take Control of Risks

health risk assessmentEvery employee has particular health risks.  On some level, they are just an inevitable part of life.  The problem occurs when these health risks go on unnoticed and unaddressed when, in reality, many problems could be prevented by early intervention.  A health risk assessment is the first step you need to take on that road to change.  In this analysis, health and wellness information is gathered about each participant and turned into a detailed map for improving his or her health.

  1. Four Comprehensive Options

Wellworks for You offers four of the industry’s most comprehensive health risk assessments. Within them, participants will find questions about current habits, health history, and even readiness for change. The four programs available include:

  • General Risk Assessment
  • Cardiac Risk Assessment
  • Diabetic Risk Assessment
  • Fitness Risk Assessment
  1. It’s Easy to Use, for Everyone

When it comes to a health risk assessment, some employers wonder about its usability.  What happens once you collect data from individuals?  When you choose an assessment form Wellworks for You, the process is easy for everyone to use.  The questionnaires are initially loaded into the employees’ online portals, to be seamlessly combined with the biometrics screening.  From there, we can help you choose a customized path to wellness based on the greatest risks identified and other factors.

For more information about biometrics and health risk assessments from Wellworks for You, contact us today.