Three Fun Wellness Program Ideas

Has your current wellness initiative plateaued?  Have participants become bored or disenchanted with their current challenge?  Are you looking for fun and creative wellness program ideas to inspire your employees or coworkers, especially as we approach the winter season?  If the answer is “yes”, check out these fun and engaging new ideas from Wellworks For You.

1.Walk For A Cause

Community walks are a great way to expand your existing wellness program ideas.  When you get participants on board for a walk to raise support or awareness for heart disease or cancer, you actually get three benefits in one.  First, you give employees a chance to participate in exercise outside of their normal routine.  Secondly, they receive the benefit of health and prevention oriented information shared at the walk.  Finally, you demonstrate your company’s care and involvement to the community.  It’s a win win win situation!

2. Sponsor Seasonal Outings

wellness program ideasOften, winter becomes a time when normal health and exercise routines fall by the wayside.  In cold or snowy weather, parking on the far side of the lot or going for a walk around the block at lunch become less desirable–and less viable–options.  So, make sure that you are providing your employees with wellness program ideas that actually fit the season!  One great way to do this is to sponsor seasonal outings, such as skiing or skating trips, or even indoor fitness events.

3. Share Healthy Holiday Recipes

It’s no secret that this time is a challenge for those who have been working to cut unnecessary sugars and fats out of their diets.  Rather than leaving participants to struggle alone, make a group effort out of staying healthy this holiday season.  Consider hosting a healthy holiday cooking contest or making a company cookbook out of tasty recipes that won’t undermine the progress you’ve made so far this year.

For more great wellness program ideas for your company, contact Wellworks For You today.

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