The Value of Corporate Health and Wellness Coaching

Now that corporate wellness programs have been around for a while, and have been making a positive impact in corporate life for a number of years, most company decision makers understand the many benefits of implementing such a program. In fact, many companies have turned to wellness initiatives to solve problems related to employee morale and absenteeism due to health issues and high payouts on health-related costs, such as health care benefits and worker’s compensation. Now, corporations are taking their wellness programs to the next level with health and wellness and wellness coaching

A general wellness program allows a company to provide its employees with the framework that’s necessary for them to get involved, set goals and qualify for incentives. However, without the proper accountability and follow up, most individuals will lose sight of those goals and will become unproductive in their efforts towards better health. That’s where health and wellness coaching comes into play. Wellness coaches are the key ingredient to an effective wellness program. They are what make your program personalized and customizable.

Wellworks for You has developed a streamlined system for our clients to use when implementing a wellness coaching component. Our web portal allows coaches to log in, track employee progress, review data and record goals met. Likewise, employees can log in to get access to the coaches who are assigned to their company. Depending on whether the health and wellness coaching set up is inbound or outbound, the procedures may look a little different from company to company, but the idea of the program is the same – to provide employees with the best possible, most personalized assistance to help them achieve high levels of success in your wellness program.

Our coaching program ties in nicely with many of our other initiatives, such as our smoking cessation programs, and we believe that it truly is the catalyst that ties everything together. Give your employees the best possible chance at reaching their health goals. Wait until you see the results and how it will pay off for your company!

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