The Significance of a Corporate Health and Wellness Association

By obtaining a membership in a corporate health and wellness association, Wellworks For You is better able to accomplish its goal of providing top quality services for companies to develop, implement and maintain engaging and successful corporate wellness programs. Our participation in these associations lends us access to outstanding resources we are then able to share with our clients and increases our credibility amongst our competitors and many loyal customers.

Corporate Health and Wellness AssociationWellworks For You is a Pennsylvania based company that offers wellness services to individuals and groups of all types around the world. We specialize in corporate wellness programs and are proud to offer a wide array of programs for in office and out of office use. Our membership in corporate health and wellness associations allows us to develop these programs with greater creativity and authority as we partner with other wellness-minded organizations around the world.

Every single one of our programs is developed with our major guiding principle in mind: customization. We believe wellness programs will be most successful when individuals are considered as well as the entire group. The individual needs within a group will determine overall needs and allow us to better approach the programs for entire companies. We also focus on providing consistent support for individual participants through programs like the health coach matchup and in-office screenings.

Wellness program implementation has proven to provide positive ROI rates at countless companies and we work to make that true for each of our clients as well. Our goal is to keep employees happy and healthy and save your company money while doing so. You’ll love our energetic and unique approaches to your employees’ needs and wants and won’t have to worry about much at all because we take care of everything! For more information please contact us today.

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