The Number One Key to Employee Wellness: Engagement

It seems every workplace has some sort of corporate wellness program these days, and with good reason. The return on investment of these programs have been proven successful over and over. An equally important reason is simply caring about employee health and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Wellness-EngagementEven with the best intentions, no program will be a success without the top component of wellness: engagement! Afterall, what good is a wellness program if no one cares? Why bother hosting lunch and learns if no one attends?

Wellness program engagement must be the number one priority when developing and implementing a corporate wellness program. Easier said than done, we know. How do you keep your employees interested and motivated when you are asking them to do things they may not want to, like exercise more or stop drinking soda?

Corporate Wellness Engagement Tips:

  • Ask for input. You are trying to help your employees live healthier lives, so why not ask them what their wellness goals are? Ask everyone to write down healthy changes they’d like to make, and use these goals to help tailor your program specifically to your employee’s needs.
  • Be flexible. It may not seem to make business sense, but consider offering employees some sort of flex time. If they can come in a little later, or leave a little earlier, it may give employees more time to practise wellness engagement by going to the gym, cooking a healthy dinner, or simply getting a good night’s sleep!
  • Mix it up! It is easy to find yourself in an employee wellness program rut. You offer the same classes and incentives over and over for months on end. Of course your employees will be bored and wellness engagement will be at an all time low! Keep things interesting by offering new program components regularly. Try “celebrating” things like “Heart Health Month” or “National Nutrition Month.”

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