The Importance of Employee Wellness

Employee WellnessMany companies provide medical benefits for their employees. Certain needs such as emergency medical care, dental care, maternity leave, vision care, and others are taken care of by corporate insurance policies. Employees receive a certain amount of sick days and even paid vacation. Yet, most employers don’t pay too much attention to general employee wellness unless a problem arises. When employees are sick often or are dealing with serious health issues that require frequent doctor visits and/or hospitality stays, they may miss a significant amount of work days. Only then does the health of the employee become a concern for the employer.

At Wellworks For You, we have a different way of approaching and viewing employee wellness. Instead of only becoming aware or concerned of employee health once an issue arises, we look at overall wellness from the beginning. Many companies are now beginning wellness programs to enrich the health and wellness of their employees and to provide a preventative approach to costly potential problems. A wellness program is an excellent way to supplement currently existing insurance policies with a little bit of extra help. Because these program are interactive and preventative, they actually end up significantly saving corporations money in the long run. Employee wellness programs focus on creating an opportunity and environment for employees to learn more about their health, be educated on how to become more healthy, and then be encouraged to continue on their wellness journey.

Employee wellness programs offer a variety of events throughout the calendar year with different opportunities for your employees. These events will provide your employees with an clear avenue to wellness and as your staff begins to feel more cared for, these programs can also help to build rapport between the employer and employees. Employee wellness programs are booming all around the country. Join in today and get your employees off to a great start on their journey to better health and wellness.

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