The Health Fitness Corporation Model

The difference between fads and innovation is found in the quality of the development, and the extent of the results it yields.  Now that you have decided to initiate a wellness program in your office, you are looking for a health fitness corporation to help you ensure that this new initiative doesn’t turn out to be a fad which fades in just a couple weeks.  Although corporate wellness programs have been shown to have a significant return on investment, this is only true if employees remain engaged and excited for the duration, not just the first day.  The difference between a successful wellness program and one that is soon forgotten is often in the health fitness corporation you choose to work with.  health fitness corporation

At Wellworks for You, our programs offer a range of innovative solutions which have been designed with the goal of engagement in mind.  Realizing that you and your employees are already “plugged in” to your computers and smartphones on a daily basis, we have created and embraced such technology as a part of our programs.  Whether you choose the pedometer challenge or a health risk assessment, our proprietary platforms help participants reach a new level of engagement.  Tracking progress and incentives is now simply a click away, so everyone receives the motivation they need, when they need it.

Wellworks for You is the health fitness corporation that is helping employers like you actually see results and a definite return on investment.  Our platforms are fully customizable, so you aren’t stuck in a program clearly designed for a company bigger or smaller than yours.  With the help of one of our representatives, you can determine the right program and set-up for your company set-up and the particular employees you want to reach.  We are confident that those who participate will begin seeing improvements in their health, wellness, and happiness, and they will begin bringing these to their work at the office as well.

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