The Corporate Wellness Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss!

Many employees are ready to jump into workplace wellness initiatives. But, they need more than a one-size-fits-all program represented by the typical corporate wellness options. If they can get it for free, employees are much more likely to try it out and continue with it, according to a survey by Corporate Wellness 365. The result of this survey was simple: 90% of employees exposed to an activity did it again, and a third kept doing so on a regular basis. The employees were also much more likely to try other fitness related activities. Consider this corporate wellness idea: bringing services for free will deliver far greater return than you could get otherwise.corporate wellness ideas

But you’re probably curious about the corporate wellness ideas which are actually put into practice by wellness companies today. Wellworks For You can offer these:

  • Pedometer Program. We’ve innovated the typical count-the-steps approach by developing a full virtual program, if chosen by the employee. You can explore Europe and beyond! Bringing this creative pulse into the usual, stimulates greater excitement and interest.
  • Comprehensive Reporting meets Personal Coaching. Combining these two was a brain child of an effort to place diagnosis and targeted wellness approaches side by side. We think that this is one of the most successful elements of our program, and what sets us apart from other corporate wellness companies.
  • Wellness Challenges. If you’re looking for a corporate wellness idea that brings ‘em out of the corners so to speak, our challenges might be the thing for you. The challenges are typically 8-12  weeks and have a variety of components, including ways to maintain daily habits or increase physical activity.

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