The Best Food For Healthy Skin

Have you noticed life taking a toll on your skin lately? Perhaps you already look fantastic,
but want to maintain the beauty you’ve been born with. Just like eating certain foods will
shutterstock_158424788help maintain your heart health, gut health and brain health – food can help your

This is why we have gathered all the best food for healthy skin, to keep you informed and ready to put on a clear bill of skin health. Let’s get started and discover the foods you’ve already been eating and the foods you never knew could help your skin.

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1. Dark Chocolate – We thought we would start off with something sweet. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidant properties which help circulation and hydration. Studies show that women who had dark chocolate for 12 weeks straight showed less skin roughness and scaliness as compared to another group.

2. Sardines – Did you ever see this coming? We’re guessing no. Sardines are actually packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, preventing the inflammation that causes acne.

3. Green Tea – In 2011 a study was published in the Journal of Nutrition showing that people who drank a beverage containing green tea polyphenols daily for 12 weeks had more elastic, smooth skin. Green tea also meant ¼ less sun damage to skin as well.

4. Walnuts – This is the only type of nut that contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps prevent eczema or dry, scaly skin. If you are skipping on the sardines and other fish, make sure to get your walnut intake!

5. Water – We are pretty sure this is a given. Water keeps you hydrated, and staying hydrated keeps your skin plump and less wrinkled. When you drink liquids that have sugar attached to them, you’re just giving your body an opportunity to produce saggy and wrinkling skin.

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Get excited with the best food for healthy skin and show us what you’re made of.