The Benefits Of Our Online Smoking Cessation Program

Do you, or does someone you love struggle with smoking?  Have you tried quitting before but found that you lost motivation in a time of stress or other high emotions?  Are you aware of the many health benefits of quitting, but uncertain how to successfully navigate the process of quitting?  If this sounds like you or your loved one, it may be time to check out the many benefits of an online smoking cessation program like the one offered by Wellworks For You.  These programs can provide the practical information, accountability, and other support you need to successfully transition to being an ex-smoker for life.

online smoking cessation programAt Wellworks For You, our online smoking cessation program integrates seamlessly into our overall 6-week Smoking Cessation Campaign. By combining onsite speakers, health coaching, and supportive classes with online tools, participants have access to consistent support whenever they need it. Secure access to the online portion of this program is available through our unique Wellness Portal.  This program can help smokers find the resources they need–from nicotine replacement products to a better understanding of the many health benefits of smoking–as well as a community online and in person to help them reach their goals.

Both employers, employees, and their families stand to benefit from participation in an online smoking cessation program like ours.  In the workplace, smoking cessation practices can help to reduce absenteeism, health care costs, and can help create a more positive environment.  Employees who successfully quit smoking will enjoy improved health almost immediately, and will soon see the benefits of more energy, fewer related illnesses, and even a longer life expectancy.

For more information about the smoking cessation program from Wellworks For You and how you can bring this helpful resource to your workplace, contact us today by calling 800.425.4657.

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